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Why You Should Hire a Professional for Garage Door Repair

Professional for Garage Door Repair in San Antonio

According to licensed home inspectors, your garage door opens an average of 1,825 times per day and needs routine maintenance at least once a year. Unfortunately, most people do not factor consistent garage door maintenance in as part of their regular home upkeep, and more often than not, garage doors are neglected until issues arise. Thankfully, experienced garage door professionals exist, and you do not have to risk the potential complications that come with a DIY garage door repair. If your garage door needs a fix, consider the reasons why you should hire a professional to take care of it for you.

Attempting Garage Door Repair on Your Own Is Potentially Dangerous

An inexperienced person risks danger when trying to repair a garage door without professional help. For example, the springs that operate the door are packed with intense energy at all times. If you unintentionally release one, the door could drop suddenly or a loosened tension spring could pop off and hit you, causing serious injury. A professional garage door technician knows the risks and how to avoid them. They also have the necessary protective gear to keep them safe from potential hazards, such as flying parts. 

Potential Dangers of Garage Door Repair

Garage door mechanisms evolve over time, and with every update, they often become more complex and powerful. Here are just a few potential examples of the dangers garage door repair presents:

  • Garage doors fall with strong force. It may not look like it, but a standard garage door weighs up to 100 pounds. They weigh even more when made with heavy materials, such as wood. A rapid release of that much weight would cause substantial damage to a vehicle. Therefore, it is certainly a hazard for a person, causing injury or even death.
  • Repairs require ladder work, and falling off a ladder may result in serious injury. If you find yourself trying to balance the weight of a malfunctioning garage door while standing at the top of a ladder, you might fall, and the floor of a garage is not forgiving.
  • Heavy springs can unwind and hit you. Torsion springs furl and unfurl as the garage door opens and closes. They are heavy and packed with tension. If one isn’t properly installed, it could release and hit you or your vehicle. 

Professional repair technicians carry all the necessary parts to perform garage door services with them at all times. The price of personal injury is far more burdensome than what you pay to have the job done right the first time. 

Professional Repairs Keep Your Warranty Active

Professional for Garage Door Repair in San Antonio TX

Repairing your garage door yourself also risks invalidating your warranty. Manufacturer warranties typically state that all issues require professionals to complete repairs. Garage door services in San Antonio often offer warranties for repairs as well. That means that if you hire professionals to handle a faulty door and the issue persists, they have to come back out and fix it again at no additional cost.

They Can Protect Your From Future Liability

Making repairs around the house is standard procedure if you plan to sell. If you are considering selling your home and need to get the garage door fixed, you may think that watching a Youtube video and doing it on your own saves money. However, if something goes wrong with the door after the sale, you might face liability for damages, including property damage and personal injury. 

They Uphold Your House Insurance Requirements

Most homeowners insurance covers damage to your garage door. However, always read the fine print. If you attempted a garage door repair sometime before the door was damaged, you may lose the right to file a claim under that insurance policy. Insurers often require professional garage door services to handle repairs.

Fast Repairs Keep You Safe

According to the San Antonio Police Department, there were 48,672 reported property crimes in San Antonio between January and October 2021, and 5,778 of them were burglaries. That’s an average of 577 burglaries each month. A broken garage door is a liability to your safety.

When functioning effectively, the garage door is a security mechanism. Most homeowners with a garage enter it using remote-controlled access from the car. Eighty-nine percent of them said they then enter their homes from the garage. Forty-five percent of homeowners with a garage say they use the garage door for home entry exclusively, even when they do not park in the garage.

If your garage door is broken, access to your home is more vulnerable to people with bad intentions. Proper repair and maintenance is not just an investment into your home value. It is an investment into your family’s security.

They Can Extend Your Garage Door Life

Professional for Garage Door Repair

Professional garage door services extend the door’s lifespan. Without proper training in the parts and functions of a garage door, you may know that yours is not working but not know why. A specialist can fix the issue and diagnose other lesser problems while there. Doing the repairs yourself means that you could potentially overlook issues that will cause problems later on. Not fixing the initial problem the first time also risks continued damage to the door over time. The result is that you actually lose more money from a DIY fix and save money with professional services. 

They Keep It Looking Nice

You might have the ability to get your broken garage door working again, but there is no guarantee that you can maintain its original appearance. Professional garage door technicians are tasked with making your door look exactly as it is intended any time they make a repair. They might even fix minor aesthetic damage on the spot.

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