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A residential garage door is probably one of the most underrated appliances in a home. Many don’t think of it very often, except when it has faults. However, it is one of the essential features of every home due to its functionality. As with anything you can buy for your home, residential doors also have various styles and appearance options you can choose from. It is essential to know that beyond styles, function matters as well. There are carriage house style garage doors, contemporary garage doors with a trendy design outlook and many more.

There are also many material options available to suit your taste and needs. For instance, if you happen to live in a humid environment, then aluminium would easily be the best choice due to its ability to resist corrosion and rust. Steel is also one of the most common garage door materials; it houses various colours and styles to choose from. There is also the wooden material used for residential garage doors, and they look fantastic. Although the wood products for these garage doors will be made for outdoor and fabricated of moisture-resistant wood, they will still require consistent maintenance to make them stay awesome. If you don’t mind having to refinish the door every few years, then it’s a desirable option to explore. Composite wood is another excellent option that gives you the attractive look of real wood combined with moisture resistance. What’s more, it is insulated and wouldn’t crack nor rot, and it can also be painted.

It is crucial to consider the strength rating of residential garage doors when opting for one. This is because they are not all created equal to withstand harsh weather, especially in windy environments. It will interest you to know that garage doors are like the largest opening in your home, and if they’re unable to withstand high winds, they can cause severe harm to the entire house. Hence, it is always best to consult with a professional garage door service company familiar with all the necessary details to give you the best.


Having said all these, you must understand that priority should be placed on what is best suited for your needs and not necessarily on the cost in getting a residential garage door. However, the good news is that with us at SA Garage Door Masters, we can firmly guarantee to give you the very best at an affordable rate! We can be the best choice for your residential garage door needs. What’s more, you can call us at any time for consultation and enquires, and we’ll be sure to respond with the speed of light!

We possess the experience, knowledge and technical power to execute your residential garage door needs. SA Garage Door Masters is a fully licensed and insured garage door company that will put a smile on your faces after a deal. We can get you the best material and style that will meet your requirements and beyond at affordable prices. All you have to do is contact us now and experience our unique residential garage door service!



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