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It will interest you to know that there are two types of garage door springs. They are extension springs and torsion springs. Extension springs are found above the horizontal garage door track. They run perpendicular to the garage door, while Torsion Springs are usually centrally located just above the garage door. They run parallel to the garage door opening. Torsion springs happen to be the more common of the pair. Both torsion spring and extension spring serve the purpose of aiding the lifting of the garage door. It also helps to maintain a smooth and balanced opening and closing of the garage door. Hence, the spring in a garage door acts as a counterbalance.

It is essential to know that garage door springs carries a whole lot of tension. This is because they’re responsible for lightening the load of the garage door. For instance, when the heavy door lowers to the ground, it also pulls down on giant load-bearing springs, creating tension. The tension in these garage door springs is what makes it easy for your opener to lift the door as well when you want it to.

Now, even if somehow you don’t see or hear your spring break, you can easily tell it is broken when your garage door refuses to lift with your garage door opener. Without the lack of force that the garage door spring provides, the door weighs about twice as much. If you’re sure and familiar with the technicalities of replacing garage door springs, then you can go ahead and replace them on your own. However, it is crucial you know that it can be somewhat tricky and dangerous. Torsion springs, in particular, are wound up with utmost tension and can deploy a large amount of torque. The skill required is best handled by professionals who can get the new spring installed or replaced safely and in no time at all.

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